Published on December 17, 2006 By Dodyas In Just Hanging Out
The husband and I went Christmas shopping today and I think nearly every single one of the 9 million residents of Sweden were out there with us. At one point when we were trying to find parking the husband threw his hands up in exasperation and said, "Why couldn't these people have gotten all of their shopping done before the last minute?"
Then he laughed realizing he was one of "these people".

And of course with the large numbers of people together in one space, one is bound to run into a few interesting characters...

Nekkid roadside guy... I don't know why he thought that particular spot beside the road was a dressing room but the copse of leafless spindly birch trees he was in offered no privacy whatsoever. He may as well have been surrounded by broomsticks. When I saw him he was trying to get on his tighty whities but kept losing his balance. And in case you are wondering...nope I didn't see his little friend. But I did see the moon.

Present wrapping guy...Most stores in Sweden have self-wrapping counters where you can wrap, for free, the presents you bought. I let the husband wrap ours since my efforts usually end up looking like those of a 5 year old, but the guy next to him made me look like a pro. He wrapped one present in a sheet of paper big enough for a baby elephant. So instead of cutting it to fit he wrapped it around and around several times. I can only imagine the look his wife gave him when he got home with those presents. Though I hope for his sake he's a single dad.

Angry newspaper lady...I nearly got caught in the crossfire on this one. I was heading into a store and heard a loud WHAP right behind me! I turned quickly to see a woman stomping off and a man standing there with a newspaper at his feet, rubbing his head. Not sure what he did to piss her off. Maybe she didn't like the way he wrapped presents.

on Dec 17, 2006

I empathize with ya Dodyas!  I do understand what it's like out there!.....

We've ( my son and I )  been running into a few nuts out there too lately...

I think your newspaper woman would have been a good match for my former gentleman friend.  He's "former" for a good reason or three......once he whapped me with a newspaper for not paying enough attention to him...needless to say,  yet I'll say it,  I sent him home that evening,  with no dessert! 

on Dec 17, 2006
He may as well have been surrounded by broomsticks.
That is sooo Funny! Sorry to hear that your wrapping skills are similar to mine.
on Dec 17, 2006
Well, I tried to finish my Christmas shopping off at lunch today but failed miserably, which means I have to go to one of the big malls near where I live, which is my idea of hell on earth.

What is it about this time of year that brings all the nuts down from the trees?