Published on December 23, 2006 By Dodyas In Blogging
You yell at your husband for his choice of Christmas music and rant about John Lennon being a communist.

Taking a hot bubble bath to calm down only riles you up even more because the stupid razor can't seem to shave your leg without cutting a major artery.

You clean the house in an hour flat and throw away any Christmas cards that dare fall on the floor yelling at them, "hey, you don't want to stick on the wall, fine go lay in the trash can where you belong."

You glare at the Christmas tree for daring to drop its needles on your newly vacuumed floor.

You get angry at the Christmas music and turn on Evanescence instead. You eventually get angry with them too and turn on a mix cd and the song that NEVER fails to make you happy, really pisses you off so you ban all music from the house for the rest of the year.

You get tired of writing down all of the things that are pissing you off so you end your article abruptly.

on Dec 23, 2006

You should rant about your husband playing that communist's music!

Evanesence isn't Christmas music?

You show them errant Christmas cards!! :~D


Have a Merry Christmas!!!  ((Ducks)))

on Dec 23, 2006
Go eat some chocolate. and it could be worse he could be playing rockin' around the Christmas tree or jingle bell rock. I'm going to go into primal scream mode the next time I have to hear those songs.
on Dec 23, 2006
Its always easy to know if your a guy. If a guy feels like he's on the rag from all the bitching; he knows.