Published on December 11, 2006 By Dodyas In Movies & TV & Books
The 31 Days of Christmas continues with A Family Circus Christmas

I always enjoyed reading The Family Circus strip in the Sunday paper, so when I found the cartoon I decided it was a must see. The cartoon is just like the strip, simple and sweet.

Billy, Dolly, Jeffy and PJ start to decorate the Christmas tree but can't find the star to put on top. Bil and The (the parents) are afraid it was accidentally thrown out last year. It was a special star, made by Bil's dad when Bil himself was just a kid so he is quite upset that it's missing.

That night Jeffy dreams that he is riding around with Santa in his sleigh and he asks Santa to bring Grandad down from heaven for Christmas. When he tells Billy about it the next day, he tells Jeffy that Santa can't do the impossible. Meanwhile Bil and Thel try to find a new star but decide none can replace the star Grandad had made.

On Christmas Eve Jeffy dreams about Santa again. In his dream Santa brings Grandad and Jeffy tells him all about this missing star. Grandad shows Jeffy where it is, and the real Jeffy now awake finds it in the basement closet. The noise he makes trying to get to it wakes up the whole family. Jeffy says, "Grandad was here." Bil takes the star, places it on top and says, "Grandad IS here."

Awwww! Now how can you not love a story like that?

Sorry no snark in this review. Cause that's just sweet!

I give A Family Circus Christmas
Four Charlie Brown Christmas Trees

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