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Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, the next feature in my 31 Days of Christmas, is made up of five short stories. The first one, Belles on Ice, was an ice skating duel between Minnie and Daisy reminiscent of Nancy and Tonya but hippos and gators instead of tire irons and hit men.


The second segment, Christmas:Impossible, starred the three most annoying ducks in the history of cartoonland, Huey, Dewey and Louie. Am I the only one that has a passionate loathing for these creatures? And just who are their parents? I don't remember Donald having any siblings. If they didn't already affect me like sandpaper on glass, this cartoon would have done it for me. They spent most of the movie being spoiled rotten brats at home, and then broke into Santa's workshop and wreaked havoc there. Naughty ducklings.


After these first two I was about ready to turn off the dvd player especially since the third was about Goofy and his son Max. Goofy is okay, but I never really cared much for Goof Troop or any of the cartoons about Max, but knowing I needed to see the whole thing to do a proper review I plugged along. And ended up pleasantly surprised. Max was bringing his girlfriend home for Christmas to meet Goofy for the first time and was nervous about Goofy embarrassing him. Goofy was Goofy and Mona, the girlfriend loved him just the way he was. This one was short and sweet. Enough to keep me going to find out what the other shorts were about.


The Nephews three made another appearance in Donald's Gift and I thought I was going to quack up but they weren't too terribly annoying this time. But poor Donald, all he wanted after a long day of shopping was to sit in front of the fire with a warm cup on cocoa, but Daisy drags him back out in the cold to shop even more. After a series of mishaps he accidentally ruins the Mousey's window display angering the citizens of Duckberg and alienating his family. Poor guy just couldn't get a break.


The Gem of Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas was the final segment, Mickey's Dog-gone Christmas. Pluto accidentally wrecks Mickey's Christmas decorations and gets sent to the dog house. Instead he runs away from home and somehow ends up at the North Pole where he is adopted by the reindeer. Donner names him Murray as in Murray Christmas and teaches him to fly. Donner is hilarious "I had a nervous tic once, but I sent him to therapy and he got better." Ba dum dum! There's also a line when they sit down to eat dinner, "remember we are supposed to be eight TINY reindeer" one of them says while glaring at the overweight reindeer. I would love to see Donner and the other reindeer in their own cartoon.


It started out slow, but ended with a lots of laughs. Donner single-handedly saved this one from the same fate as Frosty. I would give that particular segment 5 Charlie Brown Christmas trees, but rating the dvd as a whole, I give Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas
Four Charlie Brown Christmas Trees

on Dec 09, 2006
Cute Dody!
on Dec 10, 2006

I enjoyed this,  especially with the pictures!  Poor Donald,  so beaten down.

I think Donald was the duck triplet's uncle,  if I remember right...

Have you ever seen Melody Time?  Check it out if you haven't,  I think you'll like it.  I also like "Saludos Amigos",  and really like "The Three Caballeros".

I give your critiques two thumbs up and 5 Charlie Brown trees!

on Dec 10, 2006
Cute Dody!

Thanks FS!

I think Donald was the duck triplet's uncle, if I remember right...Have you ever seen Melody Time? Check it out if you haven't, I think you'll like it. I also like "Saludos Amigos", and really like "The Three Caballeros".I give your critiques two thumbs up and 5 Charlie Brown trees!

Right, but who was their mother, or father? Who is the long-lost sibling of Donald that gave him those nephews?
No, I haven't seen that. I will have to check it out!
Thankf for the thumbs and the trees.