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A Chipmunk Christmas is the 10th feature in my 31 Days of Christmas.

The cartoon opens with a doctor visiting Tommy, a very sick young boy. He isn't expected to make it through Christmas. Later at a department store Alvin overhears Tommy's sister telling her mother that Tommy would so love a Golden Echo Harmonica for Christmas, but the mother says they can't afford it. Alvin's prized possession happens to be a Golden Echo Harmonica so he shows up at Tommy's house later to give it to him.

Alvin is happy about what he has done until Dave tells the boys they are playing in Carnegie Hall on Christmas Eve to a sold out audience and that Alvin will be doing a harmonica solo. So Alvin tries to earn money to buy a new one. But a grumpy Dave misunderstands and thinks Alvin's money making schemes are materialistic and sends Alvin to bed.

Okay, hold the acorns! Anyone that is playing to a sold out audience at Carnegie Hall on Christmas Eve has to be raking in the bucks, right? So where is all of this money going? Is Dave blowing it all on coke? Is that why he is always grumpy? Where is the CPS (chipmunk protective services) when you need them or the ASPCA? Not sure which to call, but hey clearly the chipmunks are getting exploited. I mean they have to work overtime on Christmas Eve and poor Alvin can't even get enough dough to buy a harmonica which should be a work related expense anyway, right?

Well it turns out someone was looking out for the little nut eater. Mrs. Claus disguised as an old lady (all she had to do was remove the "Hello! I am Mrs. Claus" tag from her red dress) comes up to Alvin in the department store and buys him the harmonica. Meanwhile Tommy's mom calls to let Alvin know Tommy is all better. Dave intercepts the call and finally learns the truth. About time cokehead!

Perhaps next Christmas Mrs. Claus with bring Alvin, Simon and Theodore a new dad. A nice one.

I give A Chimunk Christmas
Three Charlie Brown Christmas Trees

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