Published on December 8, 2006 By Dodyas In Movies & TV & Books
On the 6th day of Christmas my true love sent to me...oh wait, wrong song!
On the 6th day of December Scrooge was my movie... ha!


Yup, another classic. Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol is probably the most remade Christmas story today. I bet any one of you could name at least 10 versions of it you have seen. Whether its an old classic black and white, the Muppets version or a family sitcom version.

I will be reviewing A Muppet Christmas Carol later on in the month, but today's show was the 1951 colorized version. The first thing that hit me when watching this was how creepy Alastair Sim is as Scrooge. He's a very convincing miser.


In fact the whole movie was creepier than I remember any version of A Christmas Carol being. I nearly jumped off the couch when Marley started screeching. It had its humorous moments as well. After Scrooge became a changed man and began dancing around the house chanting, "I feel light as a feather!" Then suddenly he exclaims, "I must stand on my head" and proceeds to do so with his elderly butt wagging in the air scaring the poor housekeeper half to death.

This was my first viewing of this particular version but has become my favorite!

I give Scrooge
Five Charlie Brown Christmas Trees!

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