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If you are tired of the same old Christmas cartoons, the 3rd installation in my 31 Days of Christmas brings you something a little different. svs.jpg
Santa Vs. the Snowman

A lonely snowman's only solace is playing music on a flute made of ice. But a flying object roars past one night causing the Snowman to drop and break his flute. Curious about the flying object the snowman heads off to find it, but what he finds instead is Santa's workshop. Peeking in the window he sees how much everyone loves this guy named Santa and he gets a bit jealous. He sees a flute on the window and grabs it which sets off Santa's fortress type security system. Commandos on snowmobiles track the Snowman and he looses his new flute and falls off a cliff.

So starts the war between Santa and the Snowman. The snowman grows snow minions from ice cubes, builds AT-AT type vehicles out of igloos, and fights Santa's Empire Star Wars style.


Santa fights back with warm gingerbread cookies that hug and melt the snow minions and mistletoe dropped by parachute to make the snow minions stop fighting to kiss each other. Ah, so that is where the phrase "Make love, not war" comes from. In the end the Snowman wins and he imprisons Santa and steals his sleigh, he goes off to win the hearts of children everywhere.

His plan runs into a snag when he can't slide down the chimney for fear of melting, so he picks the lock of a house with an icicle ( pick? muwhaha) Things seem to be going well until the doll made of ice that he gives an excited little girl gets stuck to her lips when she tries to kiss it.


Both the girl and the snowman start to cry and Santa comes to save the day. (Are ALL Christmas cartoons about saving Christmas?) And Santa presents the snowman with the flute he tried to steal telling the snowman that it was meant for him all along, all he had to do was wait one more day. And Santa and the Snowman become best friends.

So...what is the moral of this story? Try to steal something you want, start a war when you don't get it and impersonate someone well liked and in the end you get what you want? Works for me!

Best pop culture reference:

Santa is trying to work on his naughty and nice list on his computer and when it locks up he says, "Little William Gates just got himself on the naughty list!"

I give Santa Vs. the Snowman
Four Charlie Brown Christmas Trees

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